Reviving the blog

There’s a part of me, probably familiar to most people, that rebels at the idea of blogging.  Or Twittering. The whole “social network market yourself reveal your inmost secrets to the whole world” thing.

Maybe it’s an introvert thing. I’m just not comfortable, much of the time, standing up in front of people and yelling “Hey!  Want to hear what I think?”

And there’s been moving, getting a psychology practice started in Vermont, and working on three different novel projects.  Lots has been going on!

In any event, I’ve been quiet on this thing for some time.

But I do think it’s time to revive the blog.

Up till now I have focused on writing about writing (and using my other blogs on social intelligence and sexuality in culture to explore some other interests.)  But I am thinking I’ll expand this one.  I have a fairly large list of interests and things it’d be fun to do here.  First and foremost is my interest in writing fiction, perhaps from the particular vantage point of a psychologist.

I’m also interested in exploring some topics in that psych field, as well as in related areas ranging from health care to special topics in consulting, to just writing about books and movies.  Some of the blogs I’ve been enjoying lately have that mix of topics approach… I may try it and see what comes of it.  (The alternative, having a separate blog for some topic areas, is something I’ve also done, and may continue, but at some point that becomes unwieldy.)


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