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From Timothy Leary to timid and leery?

A cool bit of “psychological realism” in the Biblical story of Moses is that when he’s asked by the Voice to go speak to the head of the society he’s grown up in, he balks. He’s in fact terrified. What’s real about that is that it fits the story of his having grown up inside the “establishment” — we’re not talking lice-infested, could-give-a-shit desert prophet here, but a guy who had internalized his society’s expectations, norms for what it was “okay to say,” and so who choked when challenged to tell some truth that violated that society’s inner “templates.”

This kind of thing has been on my mind a lot recently as I’ve been enjoying my transition from working as a “licensed psychologist” to being mainly a “free range writer.” Not sure if I’ll resume psychology practice when I can finally sell the house and get to Vermont, but there is something very freeing about being in a position where self-expression is more permitted.

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Up and running!

Okey-doke! Just finally had some time between chapters of the book I’m finishing to do some hunting around for a new blog. Had one a while back, which was mainly about my psychology practice in Minnesota, but since nowadays I’m mainly working as a writer, it seemed like time to launch something else. (It’s not exactly a “career change” — we’re moving to Vermont so shut our practices down in Minnesota, is all — though it’s fun to actually be getting paid for my writing, after many years of giving it away free.)

So this first post is basically cuz the blank page seemed so naked and forlorn. More to follow! (“Testing…testing…”)

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